Good Tumblr Names - Tips on how to think of a Kickass Name for Tumblr


good tumblr names

Stuck coming up with good tumblr names? One of the hardest part of having a tumblr blog, especially if you’re starting out is coming up with a good tumblr name. Sometimes you come up with a great name and find out it’s taken! Other times, you’re just stuck and can’t think of a clever name.

In this post, I will outline 3 simple methods to create good tumblr names.

Be very Descriptive

Let’s say someone on tumblr looks for the keyword “funny gifs”. Which do you think will get more visits? A tumblr blog named “funniestgifs” or “johnsblog”? Opt for a name that fits with what you’re blogging about

Make it easy to remember. 

Suppose your web blogis mostly about korean pop culture, you maychoose to have koreanpopculture as your tumblr url, or you could just shorten it to kpoplove. Ensure that your tumblr name less than 6 syllables. This way they’ll remember it easier.

Be as Unique as you possible.

Contrary to what you might think, not all of the good url names for tumblr are taken, they are just waiting to be made. However if you are really stuck and have know idea what to decide on, go with your original name and add a word to it. For example you could add words such as “my”, “ilove”,”the”, etc.

Extra tip: Make sure that when you decide a name, the domain name is not already taken. If you really plan on making your tumblr blog a go-to site. Having a custom domain name would definitely give you more credibility and certainly get you more followers.

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